London Art Fair

GHost at LAF
In Jan 2011, GHost was invited to curate films for a video booth as part of  promotion for Folkestone Triennial Fringe.  We also made a short documentary about the first years of the project.  We also created a show-reel of three artists films from the GHost archive.

From the Club Shepway Website:

GHost lead by Sarah Sparkes and Ricarda Vidal, have selected three films from their Hostings archive for the London Art Fair:

Michelle Hannah, I AM THE SUN AT NIGHT, UK, 2010, HD, 4.30 min
The video harnesses the precarious and fleeting aspects of our world, evoking the spiritual and visceral attachment to nature, faith and the existence of life after death, ideas very much founded in the Romantic traditions. Yet the transcendental and meditative experience at the core of this tradition is disrupted here by the disturbing presence of a singular unsexed voice.

Neil Wissink, Pugwash, Canada/UK, 2007, 16mm, 5.44 min
Pugwash depicts a farm in Nova Scotia which was originally settled by Wissink’s ancestors, but which he had never before visited as it was abandoned shortly after he was born. In London he showed the rushes to a professional psychic medium, whose ‘reading’ of the film became its soundtrack, offering a highly subjective and contentious proposition for what representations of place can mean.

Kate Squires, Unheimlich Gäste, Germany, 2009, Lumix still camera, 4.29 min
Rare footage of ghosts sitting down to enjoy a normal spaghetti dinner. This film uses the common ‘ghost white sheet’ with eye holes and shows it’s unsuitability beyond the spirit world. With haunting music by Tomita.