The B&B

GHost residency at Folkestone Triennial 2011

GHost became a guest at the B&B Project Space for the duration of the Folkestone Triennial. Manifesting as“GHost CLHub”, the intention was to explore the hidden narratives of hauntings emanating from Folkestone, Shepway and other coastal communities and to host a program of exhibitions, performance and film screenings in response to these.

GHost CLHub” was created on site by Sarah Sparkes and Ricarda Vidal using furniture and furnishings from Folkestone’s ‘past life’ (second- hand) shops, and hand made wall paper. Art works referencing local, uncanny tales, together with contextual material, were to become part of an expanding collection. This collection was initially housed in a corner of the B&B, eventually spreading in all directions to occupy a larger part of the premises as the assemblage grew. Works from the exhibition were also displayed off-site in the Kent Cultural Baton.

Over the final weekend of the Triennial, GHost’s residency culminated with a series of coordinated events at the B&B, together with a number of other venues around this locale. These included performances and a screening of 12 international artist films on the theme of “The Haunted Sea”. The films were selected from an open call and represent the fourth of a series of annual screenings that GHost has initiated . The Haunted Sea films extended GHosts exploration of the coastal ghost narrative and its manifestation in contemporary art – specifically contemporary artist films – beyond the local to world-wide participation.

Tymon Albrzykowski, Neil Baker, Nick Baxter & Jude Cowan & Joanna McCormick, Linda Barck, Emma Caddow, Kieron Clark, Inez de Coo, Glenn Church,Sarah Doyle, Rebecca Feiner, Romeo Grünfelder, English Heretic, Malcolm Hobbs & Colin Priest & Joe Reeves, Miyuki Kasahara, Calum F. Kerr, Ellen Lake & Chris Green, Amy McDonough, Domingo Martínez Rosario, Matt Rowe, Eva Rudlinger, Richard O’Sullivan, Sarah Sparkes, Stasis73, Jacqueline Utley, Ricarda Vidal and Cathy Ward.

With thanks to Paul Harris.