GHost Researchers

The GHost Hosting seminars have provided a platform to manifest and interrogate the idea of the ghost.  Researchers across  disciplines have participated in the GHost Hostings.  These insights into ghosts, from across diverse fields of research and cultures, informs the curation of GHost’s exhibition programme.
To date (2008 – 2015) Hostings participants have been, in order of appearance:

Kirsten Marie Raahauge (anthropologist) and Ivar Tønsberg (artist), Contextual Autism
Magnus Irvin (artist), The Deadman Talks
Stéphanie Sauget (historian), Haunted Houses with or without Ghosts?
Elena Kamilari (historian), Ghosts on Radio, a Ghost-Medium
Fabrizio Manco (artist), A GHOST is another PHANTOM?
Sarah Wishart (artist), Something’s coming through – art and the spectre’s voice – Graeme Miller’s artwork, ‘Linked’
Maya McKechneay (film theorist), Respectable Gentlemen, Techno-geeks and Wise Women: Gender Roles in Ghost-hunter Films
Scott Wood (folklorist and writer),  Elliott O’Donnell: Number 1 Ghost hunter
Rob Gallagher (humanities researcher), “Press X to Enter”: Videogame Ghost Hunts and the Horror of the Object
Lucy Bensusan (cultural theorist),Most Haunted Live” – Interactive Television and the Domestic Ghost Hunter
Blue Firth (artist), David Luke (parapsychologist) , Mark Pilkington (writer, publisher and sound artist), Vigil. (Followed by discussion led by Dr. Ciarán O’Keeffe)
James Thurgill (cultural geographer), Ghost hunting and the architecture of Hauntology
Sharon Kivland (artist), Reisen: The limpid Waters of Mountain Lakes, The Snow on Alpine Peaks, The Smoke of Steam Trains” (three short films)
Mark Fisher (cultural theorist) and Andy Sharp (musician),  Bleak And Solemn… the hauntological landscapes of M.R. James
Laura Joyce (literary theorist), Haunted Idylls: Crime Scenes in Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’
Hayley Lock (artist), Spoiling my pussies love time – the ghost of John Ruskin
Hollington & Kyprianou (artists)Technology & the Uncanny
Jack Hunter (anthropologist), Expressions of Spirithood
John Sabol (archaeologist,) The Forgotten Soldier: Manifestations of the Continuing Presence of Colonel William Holmes (1862-2011)
Michelle Hannah, (artist),  BLACK BLOC
Derek Hampson (artist), ghosts – metaphors of the irrational
Brendan Walker (Thrill Engineer), The Experiment LIVE
Birgitta Hosea (artist)Medium
Rosie Ward (artist), Artful Hauntings: How Artistic Intuition can Create New memories within Landscape
Guy Edmonds (film archivist), Séance du Cinema – A synthesis of domestic resurrection media
Peter Suchin (artist and art critic), A Haunted Reproduction
Birgitta Hosea (artist)A Haunted Reproduction
Forbes Morlock (literary theorist), A Haunted Reproduction
David Jacques (artist), The Irlam House Bequest (film screening)
Alan Murdie (barrister), Ghosts and Spirits in the Court Room
Marcy Saude (artist), Spirit Conjuring and Laying Down Hoodoo Tricks to Combat Anti-cultural Austerity in the Netherlands
Chris Moffat (historian), Politics and the Ghost’s Demand
Vicky Smith (artist), Haunting a medium through physical residue.
Jessica Worden (artist), Materialising the Body: Material Phenomena and Sartre’s Theory of Viscosity.
Anne Robinson (artist), Is It You? Time Travel and Physical Thinking.
Eleanor Bowen (artist) with Helen Wickstead (archaeologist), Drawing and Longing
Gen Doy (artist)Song for the Deaf and Blind
Christian Weaver (musical director), Trillando en el cajón: mediating positive and negative forces in the realm of the dead through music and dance
Mitsu Salmon (artist, Butoh dancer), Skating
The SaVAge K’Lub – Rosanna Raymond – Sistar S’pacific, Emine, Jo Walsh, Dr Mark James Hamilton (artists) SaVAge SEAnce: An Invitation to Activate Your Ancestry.
Michelle Hannah (artist), Licht und Blindheit
Jennie Fagerstrom (artist), Skogsrå
Stasis 73 (artists), Home
Eleanor Clare, Kam Wan and Marcus Davidson (artists),, I Am Still Within You.
Daniela Rosselson De Armas (Olorisha)  and The London Lucumi Choir (The energy of Orisha, In Art Dance and Song: A multi-disciplined look at Yoruban deities.