Expanded Cinema

GHost at Exploding Cinema’s EXPANDED
GHost was asked to curate two rooms at Exploding Cinemas exhibition at St James Hatcham.
This was part of the EXPANDED cinema event at Goldsmith’s College, Dec 1, 6-10pm, 2012


Installations, performance and a GHost show-reel were featured
Artist films ‘Haunted Sea’ show reel: Tymon Albrzykowski, Neil Baker, Nick Baxter & Jude Cowan & Joanna McCormick, Emma Caddow, Kieron Clark, Inez de Coo, Glenn Church, Romeo Grünfelder, Ellen Lake & Chris Green, Amy McDonough, Eva Rudlinger, Stasis73
Artist installations:
Hollington and Kyrianou. Evidence and Values for a New Age.
Birgitta Hosea, Medium